Author: yumisakai

  • Cancelled photoshoot

    Unfortunately Roxy had a photoshoot cancelled. It didn’t fit the vision of the client so they cancelled midway. It was a waste of time, but here is on of the photos from that day. Here is another photo from the same photoshoot. It is unclear what theme they were going for …

  • Welcome to Naiwa Hadid

    I am so delighted to announce the addition of Naiwa Hadid to the team! She is an experienced model and she recently moved and is interested in continuing her career with us! She has an exotic arab look that is extremely attractive to advertisers these days and she is able to fit into many different…

  • Another game with Roxy

    Here is yet another game by Roxy.

  • Aprons with Naiwa

    Naiwa is modeling some aprons for a catalog and we are sharing some of the photos here for your inspiration. After taking the catalog shots, we had some fun and took a few extra in the kitchen. And a few in the backyard as well. To follow up, there were a few more apron shots…

  • Another game

    Roxy is featured in another game. We have only been allowed to share a few photos with you on this game because the shots are under copyright, but here is what we got. As you can see, the general theme is police related. However, as a consolation prize, we can share this BEHIND THE SCENES…

  • Risky outfit at conference for Neera

    Neera Kwai took a risk at an erotic conference and wore just a corset. Yes, just a corset. She gained quite a lot of attention for the Yukais agency. But conference is one thing – another is the parties afterwards where there is a somewhat stricter dresscode.

  • Bodysuit and dress

    Take a look at Neera Kwai modeling this appealing bodysuit and dress all in one. Neera has previously worn bodysuits at parties and is finding it to be a good fit for a festive occasion, given that you have the body for it of course. Yet another party bodysuit from Neera’s back catalog.

  • On the beach with Kwai

    We have collected some of the best beach shots with Neera Kwai. Some of them are private photos, so excuse the varying quality please.

  • Catalog shots with Kwai

    Here is a raw photo dump from some of the latest catalog shots we did with Neera Kwai. Some of them are 6 months old and some are quite new. We cropped them to remove some photos that were NSWF.