Category: Roxy Gainsborough

  • Cancelled photoshoot

    Unfortunately Roxy had a photoshoot cancelled. It didn’t fit the vision of the client so they cancelled midway. It was a waste of time, but here is on of the photos from that day. Here is another photo from the same photoshoot. It is unclear what theme they were going for …

  • Another game with Roxy

    Here is yet another game by Roxy.

  • Another game

    Roxy is featured in another game. We have only been allowed to share a few photos with you on this game because the shots are under copyright, but here is what we got. As you can see, the general theme is police related. However, as a consolation prize, we can share this BEHIND THE SCENES…

  • Roxy as a Maid

    Roxy is a talented model who worked on a new game that will be released in 2026. She wore different maid costumes for the game and we are lucky to have her permission to display some of her amazing photos here. Let’s take a look at her stunning work.

  • Welcome to Roxy Gainsborough

    We are so happy to be able to announce that Roxy Gainsborough has joined Yukais. She is a great addition to our diverse team of models. Roxy never wanted to be a model despite being asked countless times. Finally she said she would give it a try and now she found she has a knack…