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Yumi Sakai : Owner

Yumi Sakai


I’m Yumi Sakai, also known as “Yukai”, a passionate model and modelling coach. I have left my career in strategic management of communication to pursue my dream.

Gul Makai : Model

Gul Makai


Working as a waitress in a posh restaurant while living a humble life. Seeing richness around, yet holding onto my dreams. Believe it or not, it fuels my aspirations.

Aida Akamai : Model

Aida Akamai


After what seems like an eternity in the world of real estate, I’ve taken the plunge and made the leap into the glamorous realm of fashion and modelling!

Lorelai Hidalgo : Model

Lorelai Hidalgo


Hello, my name is Lorelai and I’m a 20 year old marketing student . My life is a constant balancing act between studies, work, and trying to enjoy.

Roxy Gainsborough : Model

Roxy Gainsborough


Roxy never wanted to be a model, but after being asked hundred times, she eventually gave it a shot and got a little extra career up and running despite her day job of running a webshop.

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