The public challenge

Neera Kwai has mostly been at parties and at modeling shoots. A new job required her to get some public shots. It was a new experience for her, but she managed to get through more than 2 weeks of shots in different locations and outfits.

Here are some of them

During one challenge she was tasked with wearing a bikini in the city. She has worn a bikini often enough at the beach so the leap to wearing it around the city was not too much.

Another challenge was a high-slit dress.

She wore a very low-cut top to a bar and had some close-ups taken.

She was also market testing this double skirt – a denim skirt on top of a delicate white underskirt.

She went to the bathroom several times to change outfits and continue with new shots.

The next night we even did a fun one which we cannot show fully here.

All in all, a very happy client and Neera Kwai (and Yukais) was able to provide a great service for the client.


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